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So I was reading about congenitally limb-deficient people and phantom limbs, because my neurobio prof. didn't know the answer to that. Many of them do experience phantom limbs that they never had. Then I looked up transsexuals and phantom limbs. I don't remember if this has been mentioned here before. Seems like relatively few post-op transsexual women experience phantom penises (that just sounds funny, really, "phantom penis") compared to cissexual men who lose their penises in accidents or to cancer or whatnot. Likewise, a significant number of transsexual men experience phantom penises from a young age, despite never having had penises.
Ramachandran makes that the basis of a neurological basis for transsexualism. However, it's not like you just throw away the genitalia tissue when you do SRS on a trans person. You do, in fact, throw away the penis when you lose it in an accident or to penis cancer. So the situations aren't the same.

It's an interesting thought, and I definitely think there's something to it, but there are key questions that remain unanswered. The most important one to me is the fact that HRT lessens gender dysphoria. This means there's an endocrinological component here as well.