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ION, my friend who I've known since I was 9 but haven't seen recently has started coming to GameSoc. Unfortunately, he's either having real trouble or simply not bothering to switch to calling me Tam and use the right pronouns. This is annoying, as I was really hoping the new freshers would get to know me as female first and male only afterwards.
*Hugs* You should probably talk to him about it.

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Sorry if I'm being snippy these days, I'm extremely tense, and have been for days now. Soon I'll either get the news I'm hoping for and be cheerful again, get the news I'm dreading and go into a total decline and probably stop coming here for a while, or just crack from the tension and who knows what I'll do?

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stupid body being the wrong shape grumble grumble grumble
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*hugs* Know the feeling...
*Hugs both of you*

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So I was reading about congenitally limb-deficient people and phantom limbs, because my neurobio prof. didn't know the answer to that. Many of them do experience phantom limbs that they never had. Then I looked up transsexuals and phantom limbs. I don't remember if this has been mentioned here before. Seems like relatively few post-op transsexual women experience phantom penises (that just sounds funny, really, "phantom penis") compared to cissexual men who lose their penises in accidents or to cancer or whatnot. Likewise, a significant number of transsexual men experience phantom penises from a young age, despite never having had penises.
I think I've noticed a phantom uterus and vagina before. >.>

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Showers are a personal weakness of mine. They're very soothing and I like to just sit on the shower floor curled up letting the water flow over me.
I do that sometimes~ :3

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On topic though... Do people here believe they were born with their sexual orientation (and specifically only that)? I ask because I was called homophobic and closeted today for saying I didn't believe I was born with my sexuality. Funnily enough he stormed off before I could point out I was bisexual and thought that it was partially social and environmental, but... yeah...

I don't believe humans can voluntarily change their sexual orientation (well, not with the inadequate neurological technology humans have developed as of this writing anyway), and from my own experience I have to wonder how much of it is a matter of posturing rather than substance, but I also don't believe that it's fixed before it develops. So... other people's opinions?
I'm not sure about orientation (I first noticed attraction to girls at 5-ish and some boys in early puberty), but I think I was born trans (or I developed it really early). I mean, that funny feeling I now know is mostly vague dysphoria has pretty much always been there. Also I thought some really weird things about my body and genitals that pretty strongly support it in hindsight. o.o

Also, *hugs*