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Thanks for asking me to make the thread, SiuiS. I don't know why, but that acknowledgement that I'm part of the community, not just a hanger-on, really touched me

I has a happy.
I'm glad! I felt like kind of a usurper doing it myself last time, but you've always been one of the archetypal people here in my mind. You were a natural choice~!

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Do I really need to remind people not to do this?
I think so, actually. It is one thing to be told not to make posts without real content, it is another entirely to be told that the harmless, friendly joke you just made is against the rules, despite it happening all over the forum unopposed. Unfortunately, it's one of those victimless Crimes that doesn't even seem like a crime at all.

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At UC Santa Cruz the dorms are co-ed, but there are women only floors available on request. Interestingly, there are no single gender floors for men, the justification given being that there had never been enough requests to justify it.
Understandable. Given US college stereotypes, the guys want to hang with the girls as the girls want to avoid the creepy guys.

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University bunfight is today - the event where all the clubs and societies try to persuade you to join them. I'm getting cold feet over my intention to sign up for pole dancing
Do it! I've been trying to sign up for belly dancing, myself. But my funds always dry up when there's a class available >_<

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I ... think pole-dancing is kind of stupid and problematic, actually, but that doesn't stop me from thinking you should go for it, if you want to. Go Helio!
Gonna Load up this one post rather than quote everything, if you don't mind? Not directed solely at you, a chara.

Pole dancing doesn't really have a culture of sleeze behind it. It has the whispers an rumors that any slight deviation from the norm has; male cheerleaders are homos, male pony fans are pedophiles, pole dancing is for desperate women makin their way through college, etc. I like this, again, to media's insistence of some sort of Jock/Nerd divide that everyone hears about but never first or even second hand.

Pole dancing has been used by strippers. Tis true. But it is much more like the stuff you see at the cirque de soleis when done well, than like... Well, like some hypothetical sleeze thing. Pole dancing has a lot of backlash akin to massage and belly dancing. By being a healthy young adult going about a perfectly acceptable activity in a safe and fun manner, Heliomance is doing the work of changing that misunderstood culture, rather than waiting for the culture to change before signing up. I am surprised the collective thread here hasn't latched on to that and thrown in support. Our Helio is being the change we all want to see, aye?

Also, there is a strong but not very vocal push for men's pole dancing. The differences in weight distribution and flexibility between male an female athletes (and here I am generalizing) changes some of the basic routines a bit, but honestly the use of poles in dance has been seen as masculine for a good thirty five years you just didn't notice because those kids leaping onto lamp posts and showing off their strength and stamina are the same ones spinning on their heads with a ghetto blaster in the background pumping out noise. The real struggle for male pole dancing is makin it seem legitimate in the ballroom sense, and moving away from huge T-shirts and backwards baseball caps on angry faces.

I dunno, I genuinely don't know how people can spend that long in the shower. I mean, you take your clothes off, step into the shower, then wet and wash your body as the water is warming (I have sort-of-warm showers, never hot showers), then rinse it off as you wet your hair, then shampoo the roots, rinse, condition the tips, rinse, step out, towel off quickly cause you're naked and wet, then put new clothes on and comb through your hair. That all only takes ten minutes for me, up to fifteen if it's cold or I'm sick or tense and I decide to have a slightly-warmer shower and stand under the water for a minute to relax, but that takes effect almost immediately.
Ah, that's where we differ.

My hair is physically resistant to getting wet. My girlfriend got tired of my long showers and threw me in the tub to do my hair herself, once. After two full shampoo cycles the separating of the strands and the soap breaking the surface tension of the water got about 90% of my hair to actually get wet
Hm. Maybe it's n oil issue? Oil makes things waterproof, right?

But my hair resembles less, say, a doll thrown in the pool and more, oh I dunno, an aquatic spider's diving bell >_>

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I wish I knew what I really sound like. I've been trying for almost a year, and I'm still not even close.

Of course, it's usually just little things like singing in the car, but still. I'd expect some progress! That and not knowing my name is really dragging me down...
A name is as much a creation as a discovery. If you cannot fis who you are, forge who you wish to be.

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Well, went and signed up for the pole dancing club (I actually saw one male name on the list!) and also the LGBTsoc, which I didn't have the nerve to sign up for last year.

Also signed up for parkour, KrakenSoc the steampunk society, and the Assassins' Guild.

I never would have considered doing pole dancing before, but a friend of mine had a pole dancing birthday/engagement party, and not only did I have a really good time, I discovered I'm a bit of a natural. So I figured I'd give it a try.

Now I just need to dehair my legs again and get a pair of shorts and a sports bra. I'm going to try going as a girl, which is slightly terrifying. Hopefully it'll be okay.


I am jealous as Sin and am not talkin to you until my own life improves or I forget I said anything. So about 30 minutes or so, but it's okay, I'll be asleep!

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I was kinda tempted to change it to "Of Shoes, and Hips, and Body Wax" :P
While I like the idea, I think that would probably lead to another rash of drive by flirtings.


It seriously took me as long as typing out the white text to forget XD

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Don't you have a SO around to give you footrubs and chilled margaritas?
As an SO, this is pretty much what we were designed for.

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So I was reading about congenitally limb-deficient people and phantom limbs, because my neurobio prof. didn't know the answer to that. Many of them do experience phantom limbs that they never had. Then I looked up transsexuals and phantom limbs. I don't remember if this has been mentioned here before. Seems like relatively few post-op transsexual women experience phantom penises (that just sounds funny, really, "phantom penis") compared to cissexual men who lose their penises in accidents or to cancer or whatnot. Likewise, a significant number of transsexual men experience phantom penises from a young age, despite never having had penises.
Asta covered my response, but aye. We've had a thread discussion about it. I'm afraid I don't have anythiń really meaningful to contribute on the subject.