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I think so, actually. It is one thing to be told not to make posts without real content, it is another entirely to be told that the harmless, friendly joke you just made is against the rules, despite it happening all over the forum unopposed. Unfortunately, it's one of those victimless Crimes that doesn't even seem like a crime at all.
It's definitely not a harmless joke, nor is it a "victimless crime", it affects the server (especially on popular threads such as this one). The rule is there for multiple reasons, not just the flood the server gets at the creation of a new thread due to people who want to get in the first few posts, or the fact that contentless posts (e.g. consisting only of things listed below or things such as "+1") are prohibited in general.

We have asked people to not post things along the lines of "first post/page!", "new thread!", "*boogies*", etc. at the creation of a new thread. In cases where people reference the first post/page, the entire post is deleted, regardless of other content. The mention of the other things is somewhat tolerated, though frowned upon and not really appreciated, as long as there wasn't a rush to be amongst the first and the post contains actual content.

If you see it happening, then please report it.

Note, of course, that not all one or minimal word replies are contentless. I myself am a fan of putting a lot of meaning into a small reply. And, sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words. An example of this is where I have used a picture of a Facebook thumbs up to mean "Wow, congratulations! That is amazing news!"