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With a fierce shove, Sandy bought himself some distance between those snapping jaws and his unprotected face. But even with a stake in his flank, this thing was monstrously strong, too strong for the little stallion. His forelegs shook as he strained to hold back the feral beast. "Nghh...c'mon...Zephyr...ngh...lil' help here..."

His "support" came in the form of a spit-coated hoof thrust into the corner of his vision. Sandy's head turned to gape at the loopy vampony. "Let th' darn thing bleed! Just get-augh!" His abysmal luck struck again, as his forelegs chose that exact moment to buckle under the enemy's strength. And with his head turned towards Zephyr, the vampony would have a straight shot to the vertebral arteries on the back of his head...

(For the record, the dice absolutely hated Sandy on this one. Three rolls to keep the vampony at bay, and he couldn't roll higher than a 10. Then the vampony up and rolled a 13 on his nom check.

tldr: Sandy tried (and failed) to keep the vampony at bay, and his defenses just broke down.)
At least, the "elderly" vampony stopped moving, albeit leaving Silverpine with a pair of sore hindhooves. Damn, those things were built like bricks. At any rate, he turned his head around just in time to see Sandy buckling under the weight of his opposing vampony. Silverpine let the shotgun out fall out of his mouth quick as you please and aimed true at the back of the head of the vampony. He fired, probably splattering the brains of the poor vampony onto Sandy in the process.