Greetings everyone -

I've been a long time browser of the GITP Forums for the wealth of knowledge and information that is offered here. I must admit, I've never seen more fruitful discussions regarding rules and concepts than I have here.

Well I figured it was finally time to step in and see if I can offer useful opinions, understanding, and experience - or at the very least offer the occasional humorous anecdote.

The skinny - I've been gaming for almost 15 years, playing and reading everything I could get my hands onto. I've been a sanctioned DM for various things, not that it matters for anything other than the experience, and I've worked in 2 gaming stores, and owned 1. (our area doesn't have the support for the number of them we have) I still run an online store when I can, specializing in Miniatures, Dice, and Fantasy Flight Games. The store isn't there to make me profit, I originally designed it to be a Gaming store, for the gamers - by a gamer. Its sole intent was to get things to gamers without marking the prices up to obscene levels, and to support the activities of a group (Gamer's Guild). (I won't post links because I'm not advertising.)

I've been homebrewing for as long as I've been rolling polyhedrals; everything from Feats to entire game systems. And I've played my share of Homebrew, from an amazing game with rules so convoluted that only one man could run it - to a Necromunda spinoff with rules so simple anyone could run it (but the story was/is amazing!). So if it's a game, I've probably played it - but forgive me if I am a little rusty as I donít always recall all of the rules from a BESM system, or Palladium (I have sacrificed many of my waking hours to Kevin Siembieda's work and)

So I suppose this is where I tell you that I like long walks on the beach, a good cigar from time to time, and the occasional bottle of Jack Daniels - or Chrystal Head Vodka.

Okay, so I don't really like the beach - but I didn't want to sound like an alcoholic.