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    On topic though... Do people here believe they were born with their sexual orientation (and specifically only that)? I ask because I was called homophobic and closeted today for saying I didn't believe I was born with my sexuality. Funnily enough he stormed off before I could point out I was bisexual and thought that it was partially social and environmental, but... yeah...

    I don't believe humans can voluntarily change their sexual orientation (well, not with the inadequate neurological technology humans have developed as of this writing anyway), and from my own experience I have to wonder how much of it is a matter of posturing rather than substance, but I also don't believe that it's fixed before it develops. So... other people's opinions?
    I actually don't know. I always believed I was only interested in women, but there are a couple of guys (Teddy, Kneenibble I'm looking at you) that I've looked at at gone "wow, they're seriously hot". I also strongly suspect that if I woke up one morning in a female body, with nothing else changed, I'd be comfortably bisexual. Certainly I occasionally fantasize about being female and having a boyfriend. I just have a strong aversion to the idea of me with a male body being with another male.

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    I'm glad! I felt like kind of a usurper doing it myself last time, but you've always been one of the archetypal people here in my mind. You were a natural choice~!

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    I am jealous as Sin and am not talkin to you until my own life improves or I forget I said anything. So about 30 minutes or so, but it's okay, I'll be asleep!

    What I do?
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    I maintain that until I see a movie trailer where Patrick Stewart introduces himself as Mordenkainen, there never was and never will be a D&D movie.
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    I am unable to respond due to the awesomness of seducing a god, sorry
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    The only person in the past two pages who has known what (s)he has been talking about is Heliomance.

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