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Ramachandran makes that the basis of a neurological basis for transsexualism. However, it's not like you just throw away the genitalia tissue when you do SRS on a trans person. You do, in fact, throw away the penis when you lose it in an accident or to penis cancer. So the situations aren't the same.

It's an interesting thought, and I definitely think there's something to it, but there are key questions that remain unanswered. The most important one to me is the fact that HRT lessens gender dysphoria. This means there's an endocrinological component here as well.
Yeah, I did mention the fact that everything except the testes is retained, just rearranged, in SRS, when I was telling a friend about it. I don't remember if the article I was reading, which was a summary of the actual study, mentioned that part, but I hope the study did.
On the endocrinological bit, it would be interesting to do a study with some participants receiving placebo. Has that ever been done? Is that even allowed by ethics and stuff? I feel like it would be unethical.
Oh yeah, and it would be interesting to study agendered and genderfluid people more.

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A real shower takes 30-60 minutes. Yay for near infinite cheap hot water.
My old school's dorm had nigh-infinite hot water, you could have half a dozen guys showering at once for over an hour (with some people who weren't me trading off with other people who wanted to shower) without losing any heat. And the showers weren't connected to the toilets at all.
My current dorm has a mediocre shower, which has a bit of trouble if both are in use at once, and which changes temperature when somebody flushes a toilet.