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On topic though... Do people here believe they were born with their sexual orientation (and specifically only that)? I ask because I was called homophobic and closeted today for saying I didn't believe I was born with my sexuality. Funnily enough he stormed off before I could point out I was bisexual and thought that it was partially social and environmental, but... yeah...

I don't believe humans can voluntarily change their sexual orientation (well, not with the inadequate neurological technology humans have developed as of this writing anyway), and from my own experience I have to wonder how much of it is a matter of posturing rather than substance, but I also don't believe that it's fixed before it develops. So... other people's opinions?
I'm going to give you the crappy answer you always hear everyone say (but weirdly no-one yet on this forum) and sucks to hear it, but I consider it true:
A bit of both.
I am convinced that the reason I'm bisexual is because I've been raised almost solely by my mother, had a lot of girls as friends, etc, etc. That would point me out as gay. I also believe, though, that somewhere in my genes something says: Dude, go like them all! (or is this my pokemon-side speaking?)

This discussion is all about nature-nurture, IMO, and thus would require a bit of both to work: Why would you like guys if it is impossible in your mechanism to do so? Why would you like girls for the same reason? But is everything decided by birth? No, choices do matter.
On the other hand: maybe everyone has a bi-gene (or both a gay- and heterosexual-gene) and your raising defines your choice.

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