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You know the funny thing about when you're sarcastic? Your avatar's smirk always makes me read it in an "amused" tone of voice. It's awesome.

On topic though... Do people here believe they were born with their sexual orientation (and specifically only that)? I ask because I was called homophobic and closeted today for saying I didn't believe I was born with my sexuality. Funnily enough he stormed off before I could point out I was bisexual and thought that it was partially social and environmental, but... yeah...

I don't believe humans can voluntarily change their sexual orientation (well, not with the inadequate neurological technology humans have developed as of this writing anyway), and from my own experience I have to wonder how much of it is a matter of posturing rather than substance, but I also don't believe that it's fixed before it develops. So... other people's opinions?
Well, I read something somewhere fairly reputable that said human personality and whatnot is about fifty-fifty nature-nurture. So I don't really know. Would everybody in this thread be willing to donate their brains to me when they die?