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Yeah, I did mention the fact that everything except the testes is retained, just rearranged, in SRS, when I was telling a friend about it. I don't remember if the article I was reading, which was a summary of the actual study, mentioned that part, but I hope the study did.
On the endocrinological bit, it would be interesting to do a study with some participants receiving placebo. Has that ever been done? Is that even allowed by ethics and stuff? I feel like it would be unethical.
Oh yeah, and it would be interesting to study agendered and genderfluid people more.
According to this meta-analysis about one in three trans women experience 'calming effect'. This effect is not seen in trans men, which is a severe problem for an 'endocrine transgenderism" hypothesis. OTOH, never trust meta-analyses unless they support what you already believe...

Agendered and genderfluid... I think it would be best to wait. Science works by taking a huge problem and attack it bit by bit. Trans men and trans women are most like cis people - let's make sure we know how gender is represented in the brain before we start investigating those where this representation is absent or in flux. I hope I didn't offend anyone and I'm very much open to be proven wrong on this.