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I think I've noticed a phantom uterus and vagina before. >.>

Yeah, I have, too. Of course, mine was almost certainly through sheer willpower and psychosomatic-suggestion.

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A real shower takes 30-60 minutes. Yay for near infinite cheap hot water.
This is the truth. We should all learn from this person - he seems incredibly wise .

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Do it! I've been trying to sign up for belly dancing, myself. But my funds always dry up when there's a class available >_<
I would actually like to try belly dancing myself. But not as a guy. Oh, and I saw some pole-dancing on TV briefly last night. It was on Two and a Half Men when they were in a stip-club, unfortunately, but the actual routine was incredible O_O . I can definitely see how the practice should be removed from that stereotype, 'cause that could seriously be in the Olympics; if trampoline can be included, something as athletic as pole-dancing should definitely be!

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A name is as much a creation as a discovery. If you cannot fis who you are, forge who you wish to be.
That's...actually really good advice. Thanks a lot!

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I actually don't know. I always believed I was only interested in women, but there are a couple of guys (Teddy, Kneenibble I'm looking at you) that I've looked at at gone "wow, they're seriously hot". I also strongly suspect that if I woke up one morning in a female body, with nothing else changed, I'd be comfortably bisexual. Certainly I occasionally fantasize about being female and having a boyfriend. I just have a strong aversion to the idea of me with a male body being with another male.
I'm actually the exact same way. Okay, I haven't actually found any male crushes (except this one time I was going home on the bus, and a guy got on with a swish of his hair and I was all like, "Wow, I can see how someone would be really attracted to that! Never actually met the guy, however), but if it was a choice between my sex and my orientation, I would choose the former all the time, and have no compunctions about doing it.

I wouldn't want to give up on girls, however. They're so pretty!

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What I do?
I think SiuiS is was jealous at the fact that you're so lucky to be able to do all those things, and have natural talent at them, to boot. I know I am a little!

Very big news today. I saw my therapist yesterday, and we've (read: I've) decided it's time to come out to my parents. She going to help me next time. Two weeks to P-Day. Nervousness! >_<