Didn't max my Battlemaster yet... was too busy playing my favorite class, Demolisher

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I dislike grenades. EVERYONE uses them, which means without serendipity on my side, I'll have one grenade per wave. Conversely I'll have all the Carnage I need.
I find that if EVERYONE is using grenades, mine weren't needed anyway

Also, ammo packs. (For myself, I'm currently sitting on 249 with 5 capacity, so I've started trying to burn them a lot more - I was capped recently so they were starting to go to waste.)

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Yeah, my bad. I was thinking vindicator. Also, DPS isn't all that; the pulse rifle can sustain fire for a much longer period, and guerilla warfare is less affected by long reload speeds.
My problem there is that the classes that can survive sustaining fire with that thing generally have better options. It's a caster weapon, but casters play groundhog in combat.

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So, Nopony knows how to spec a battlefield soldier? Nopony?
Exactly like you'd spec a regular (human) one.