Re. Pole dancing: Looks like fun to me, and I'd love to see a proper routine of it. I'd be terrible at it, though, of course.

Re. ridiculously long showers: I hope none of you lot having hour-long showers live in Australia

Re. sexuality-from-birth: Well, I can certainly say that my not-gay sexuality is entirely inbuilt. My not-completely-straightness... Well, that's probably a bit trickier. I mean, for all my mother has some (religious) problems with homosexuality, I was never ever lead to believe that any of my immediate family would have had a problem with it if I were gay, yet I'm still pretty definitely at the straight end of the scale. On the other hand, I have received some pretty conflicting messages regarding bisexuality - my mother's attitude of "they just wanna bang a lot"* may have put me off the idea, whereas my sister's bisexuality and sexual history could have drawn me to it. In an environment with a condemnation of homosexuality, I don't think it'd cross my mind to think of myself as anything but 100% straight, and I'd be perfectly happy doing so. In a more forgiving environment, I'm just as happy to wonder and be more flexible with it. And in my earliest consideration of my own sexuality, outside of "not gay" I didn't know what it might be. Also I've had some extremely strong, gorgeous, admirable women in my life that might get me looking in that direction, and if we wanna get a little Freudian^, after my parents split up my father went through an average of one woman every 2 years, so I suppose that could have had an impact on how I view the females of the species.
So, I suppose, in conclusion of my answer to your question, Golentan: I'd say my attraction to men is biologically innate, but my attraction to women (whatever that might be) may have been influenced by my upbringing and those around me.

*note: this was years ago, she may have changed her mind since then.
^Not THAT way, pervs. He did more than Oedipus, y'know.
*snigger* "did Oedipus"