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    Quote Originally Posted by Heliomance View Post
    I have no idea what my odds of being caught are, that's what I'm so nervous about. I'm going to attempt to go as a girl, but I have no idea if I'll be read or not - I suspect I probably will, because I'd be very surprised if I pass well enough to withstand more than a casual glance. I just hope it won't be an issue :/
    Oh. Well, that one person you mentioned outright asked you if you were a lady on a day you were going for more androgynous, so I would say you've got a much better shot at it than someone like me! Yeah, the outfits might be a bit more, uh, revealing, but I know you can do it!

    Quote Originally Posted by gunnar11 View Post
    Wow, good luck!
    That's something I haven't been able to do, ever.
    It'll still take some years for me, though, or perhaps I'll never tell them.
    Uh, yeah, hopefully it goes well. I'm doing it in a four-step process:
    1. Write a "coming out" letter to read to them at the therapist's office;
    2. Tell them that there's something really important that they need to come with me to in a couple of weeks;
    3a. Endure my mom bugging me to know what it's all about for two weeks;
    3b. Make extra sure all of my incriminating evidence is well hid, as she'll become extra snoopy during that time frame;
    4. Get them up to the therapist's office and actually do it.

    Step 1, and possibly 2, are going to be easy. The others? Not so much. I will, of course, let you guys know how it goes. If, after that time, you don't hear from me again, well, that means something bad happened.

    Quote Originally Posted by Serpentine View Post
    *note: this was years ago, she may have changed her mind since then.
    ^Not THAT way, pervs. He did more than Oedipus, y'know.
    *snigger* "did Oedipus"

    EDIT: Asta, just because I've always wondered - double-blind means that the subject doesn't know both what the test is really about, or that they've been given the placebo, right?
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