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    Quote Originally Posted by Asta Kask View Post
    Any medical research must be for the benefit of the group studies. When examining a 'vulnerable population' (and trans people are arguably a vulnerable population), this becomes much more important. Such a study would have to be done in close cooperation with the trans community and great care would have to be taken to ensure no harm was done.

    I still think a case could be made that studying gender dysphoria and how to treat it would be worth the trouble. For instance, the study could be used to lobby for a more aggressive treatment of gender dysphoria and abolishing some of the hoops transgender people. Remember, we perform double-blind studies on cancer patients and AIDS patients. So I think it could be ethically justified if done right.
    Hmm, so as long as the patients realise they may be receiving placebo, and are okay with that FOR SCIENCE!, it's okay.
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