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    Starielle surverys the battlefield and sees what seems to be a strange test battle, intriguing idea, using undead against the warforged to test them.

    She shrugs not seeing anything worth their while and flies back up to the Riddle.

    Landing she listens to the group before revealing herself, she always reveled in the knowledge she could see others and they not see her, it was exhilarating, almost as much as dropping from the sky, but not quite.

    "Ah merde, il semble que ce tour de taille stupide ...." she looks at them all and forgets she was speaking fey, putting her hand on her hip she waits for them all to pay her the attention she deserves. For a moment she toys with the idea of stunning them all, allowing her fey powers to overwhelm them, but thought better. It would only make them angry.

    "The petite battle is only a test site, nothing that I saw worth jumping for." she said once everyone was looking. She walked over to Kay and leans on him, nestling against his big bulk.
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