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I have no idea what my odds of being caught are, that's what I'm so nervous about. I'm going to attempt to go as a girl, but I have no idea if I'll be read or not - I suspect I probably will, because I'd be very surprised if I pass well enough to withstand more than a casual glance. I just hope it won't be an issue :/
*crossing all my fingers*


Re: Sexuality; I honestly have no idea where mine comes from and I haven't figured it out fully yet anyway. The earliest hint I had I guess was never really getting gay jokes and what supposedly so horrible about being attracted to boys. (Though considering I'm not a boy it gets a bit messy I guess? ) But in the end I'm not really bothered by not getting it; it's not really relevant to who I am and I think someone's sexuality is just as valid anyway, regardless of the origins.