The water elemental advances towards the three kobolds attacking Zimelda and Arjhan from one side. She stirs up the water of the pool and flings it at them in a wave. The slime elemental then goes for the quickblade.

Move Action: Shift to i3
Standard Action: 1A - Splash, Cblast 3 @ kobolds
Free Action, turn's end: Slime attacks Quickblade

Splash Damage on Hit: (1d6+5)[6] damage.
vs. Minion 5: (1d20+6)[22] vs. Reflex
vs. Minion 10: (1d20+6)[15] vs. Reflex
vs. Quickblade: (1d20+6)[10] vs. Reflex
Effect: The blast creates a zone UEMNT. Enemies grant CA in the zone

Slime Attack vs Quickblade: (1d20+8)[24] vs. Reflex
HitL (1d8+5)[11] damage.