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Thread: Ideas for marketing a Kindle novel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lensman View Post
    And it is live! Finally! Amazon has obviously sorted out its problems.

    The book is here for the UK; and here for the USA and regions.

    CurlyKitGirl reckons my spiel about the novel isn't any good - anyone else got any views or suggestions what I can do to improve it?
    That's a bit better than the one I read earlier, maybe I read it before it was fully up?

    Anyway, just went back and re-read your blurb, and I think one of the things that didn't work was that the first two sentences sound like they're quoted straight out of the book, and then you slip into a kind of omniscient narrator doing a voiceover after a cliffhanger.

    That's not too bad I suppose, but maybe if there was a small paragraph detailing the dragon (Wrack I'm assuming) knocking her plane out of the sky quoted directly from the novel (so italicise it, and openly quote it), then have a new paragraph of your voiceover artist.

    That could work.

    It's definitely an intriguing book though from all I've heard of it, if I can get hold of a hard copy I'd buy it for a friend's birthday (which just passed) or Christmas (which hasn't passed).
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