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Night Jewel smirked. "Well, looks like you wouldn't make as good a paladin as a petty thief would."

"Is there... Is anyone still on my side? Are they all as treacherous? I cannot trust anyone!" Starfire started to glow more brightly as her rage grew.

"Time to go have a look at your prisoner, anyway. Ta-ta!" With that, Night Jewel trotted ahead with Dawnstrider. Starfire attempted to blast them with magic, but missed, and soon they were out of her sight.
"Cliche as it may seem, the honor and faith of the Code is unbreakable. If a paladin fails, then they have already fallen. Oh, and also I detect an obligatory lesson about thinking before acting, not that I paid attention, obviously." His armor fades back to black. "It quickly grows apparent that I should warn you to not do anything I do, should you wish to take the path."

"I don't quite remember, but it involved her somehow..." Blades thought back a bit.

"So? What have you decided? You did make your choice quicker than I expected, if you're back so soon."
"You know how townsfolk officials are - 'go here, do this, no you can't have more information'. Alas, such is the life. I don't suppose you might be able to tell me more about your needs, and how I can help?"