One Vamp, two vamp, red vamp, dead vamp

Twelve year old buck gets stabbed in the neck and subject to a flying buck. With the stake in the neck he began to flail as black vampy blood began to ooze from the skinny neck followed by what may have been a whinny or not.

Rainbow finds the pony on top of her bucked to the side by Miss M as the pegasus vampony mare staggered off.


The gunshot echoed dramatically as brains splattered over on Sandy and the nearby Zephyr. The vampony missing most of his head now slumped down before crumpling to the side.

5 Dead
5 Incapacitated
2 Engaged

(derped again on who was incapacitated and who were engaged)

Suddenly, from way back from the direction the group had traveled, and they did travel a good long way, was the faint sound of marching hoof steps. Very faint but there...