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I find that if EVERYONE is using grenades, mine weren't needed anyway
And I find myself with a group of three krogna sentinels, all hogging my pylon because their lift grenades are more important to them than my entire class. I've taken to screwing with my team mates on those occasions; I will either put the pylon in the middle of an enemy zone (where I can get to it easy, running a circuit between ammo boxes and through the pylon) or putting it somewhere out of the way, so when my allies crowd around I can use the map ammo boxes. Or if I am feeling generous, I will give it to my companions and focus on partile rifle and tactical grenade use.

Also, ammo packs. (For myself, I'm currently sitting on 249 with 5 capacity, so I've started trying to burn them a lot more - I was capped recently so they were starting to go to waste.)
Like Taejix said. Get up to 255 and you dont't have to worry anymore, withone exception; if you use 1 in a fight, you may as well use all 5 because that's how many you'll get when you buy a jumbo equipment or spectre/premium spectre pack.

My problem there is that the classes that can survive sustaining fire with that thing generally have better options. It's a caster weapon, but casters play groundhog in combat.
I find it entirely possible to squeeze off a few bursts between power drops without worrying about being out of cover too long.Often, my powers will stagger enemies, who can then get a few shots to the face while I recharge, or I can drop lead on the main target's allies, so when I detonate the main guy they all go down. Nothing worse than a biotic detonation that scatters a bunch of, say, hunters, who all go into hiding until their shields recover.

like you'd spec a regular (human) one.
... So no Ideas at all, then?

<--- Does not play archetypal human soldiers

I suppose I will try it with a caster build then. It worked pretty well on my krogan, so. Carnage with incapacitate is pretty nice, and with radius it becomes worthwhile to pepper an atlas in order to halt his allies.

Oh, hey. Chain of thought that brings up an old point of contention. I know how to test out the final evolution of concussive shot! Turian soldier.

If the ammo carrying ability does work, then concussive shot followed by proximity mine should be able to generate fire bursts. If it does not, then I will reverse it and test out just incindiary shots, with a proxy mine to see if they generate a fireburst.

It is unfortunate that the battlefield soldier may end up as a superior caster to theregular one, if only because carnage seems able to prime firebursts.