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Thread: What do you think a Fighter should be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BootStrapTommy View Post
    What the flying fuccati are you talking about? I gave a description of what a Fighter would typically be like at each level based roughly on the capacity of the Fighter class at each point and on how i thought that mapped to modern archtypes. A level 20 fighter is almost epic. An almost epic character could do some pretty crazy things. Action heroes doe crazy things. The two equated to me. kardar233 brought up that wizards could do such things at lower levels.

    My response was that they have magic to aid them. Wizards are a different ball game. They maybe able to some great action hero like things at lower levels, but they are also incapable of just as many action hero type action as they are capable of because of what they are physically. The Fighter does all of it at those higher levels because he is physically capable of it. His body lets him do it. A wizard isn't, he just has magic to make him capable of this. Where the hell you got the tangent you're on from that, I do not know.
    Then I'll dispense with the airs and put it simply: John McClain is not capable of meaningfully threatening a level 10 wizard, your analogy for what fighters should be capable of only works if Fighters are to be useless in high level play.
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