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    Default Re: LGBTAitp 27: Of Shoes, and Ships, and Sealing Wax

    Quote Originally Posted by PairO'Dice Lost View Post
    My PM box is always open.
    Quote Originally Posted by KenderWizard View Post
    My PM box is open too, but I won't be offended if you want to talk to someone with more relevant experience.
    Quote Originally Posted by Astrella View Post
    My box is always open as well~
    Quote Originally Posted by noparlpf View Post
    Good luck! (I don't remember if I saw your first post in this mess of new thread pages.) If you'd like I can read it for you. My PM box is pretty empty.
    Thanks to you all! No offense meant to those I don't get in touch with; I only need one or two opinions. But you're all so very wonderful!

    Quote Originally Posted by Asta Kask View Post
    You measure it as a woman because you are a woman. Anyone who thinks anything else either doesn't have all the facts or is acting like a ****.
    Thank you. This *almost* brought a tear to my eye. I don't really hear this kind of thing enough. Aside from you guys, who have other things to worry about, all I've got is two friends I get texts from once or twice a month. I've been having trouble claiming that title for my own, no matter how right it fels, or how much I want it. So, thank you. A whole lot.

    EDIT: Oh, and that means I'm probably between a 5.5 to a 6. Yay!
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