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Creep requires structures to promulgate it though, and so the zerg would need to go around the lines or manage to have the orks completely ignore their structures.

I guess really it depends upon the savviness of whatever is controlling the zerg on Tarsonis.

I guess this is the era before brood mothers but after Zerg Queens started getting more autonomy/control?
Well, there are ways around that. Encircle and build creep colonies as far away as they can, while still being close enough to encroach on ork territory. Then start closing in. Creep spreads pretty far away from the source over time. Keep evolving the colonies into sunken and spore and building more another step or two closer and you have a nice set of self defending bunkers that can kill orks and if they die close enough, absorb them into the creep. If they do it fast enough, the zerg would have a solid grouping of colonies before the creep even starts reaching ork turf and warning them. By then it would be too late to stop it short of a full out assault that would end in tons of deaths, on the creep.