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"Mmm, about a seven months, I'm originally from Fillydelphia."
She kinda lowers her look
"I arrived 2 days ago from Canterlot... Or was it yesterday?.... Whatever, was told to come here and join the guard"

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Aero nods and continues flipping!
The tiny colt would rush outside to check the hivebox, then a room's door would open, it would be Aisis', she would just come outside, a bit staggery like her little brother too.
"Uh... Good morning...W-where are Luka and Mile?"
She would say, her voice would be still a bit sleepy.

Barb stomps a few more times, sending more ore at Doth.
It somehow would seem to catch him off guard, he would try to block several rocks, but others hit, also enhanced by the ore's properties.
He would end up getting pushed to another side and just lay there and not move, not exactly showing if it hurt him or not, or to what extend, he would just lay there silently and not move.