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[Science Fail]

Sergeant Sprinkles laughs heartily. The sound of his synthetic cackling is rather disconcerting.

"Hah! Actually, Smarty Pants, I'm authorized to brutally murder anyone suspected of being a zebra or a zebra sympathizer!" the robot gleefully proclaims. "Those orders supersede all others, and I'm perfectly fine with that! And don't think I'm fine with it because I'm programmed to like it. My advanced heuristic processing unit, logitech centers, AI programming, and all that other namby-pamby geeky bullcrap let me observe, analyze, and think for myself. And I think there's nothing more rewarding than skinning one of those stripped bastards alive while blaring patriotic anthems over their agonized screams," the robot leers sadistically, before letting out another bout of laughter.

Sweet Celestia. Self-aware or not, he's insane.

"Soooo..." he leans in slightly closer to Scoops, though he thankfully keeps the buzz-saw safely away from the pony, "Don't treat me like a brainless automaton you can play with. I'm a soldier. Not a servant."

What sounds like a spitting noise comes out of the robot's speakers. He then turns around, and begins to hover off towards the elevator. "Come on, maggots. Miss PV says I have to take you to the roof, an' I don't like disappointin' her."