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The pegasus huffed; him, scared? Well...at least she didn't have to know his teeth were chattering. "Name's Fleetwing." he said cautiously. He kept his pistol proudly displayed, but made no move to pick it up. This Violetta seemed more lost than anything, and didn't look to be armed, but you never could tell with unicorns. At the end of the day, some spells were just as good as a rifle. "I was just...running. Putting some distance between me and some angry, confused folks." He glanced nervously out into the mists; so far, all was quiet. "Guess they figured I wasn't worth the trouble."

He turned back to the purple filly, making sure that horn of hers stayed nice and dim. "And what about you? You lost? Or just passing through?" Play it nice and cool, don't sound like you're accusing her or nothing, or else folks might think you want a fight.
Violetta shook her head. "I don't even know what I'm doing here, wherever this is. I just found myself here, and I don't know of anywhere else.

"So what were they angry about? Did something go wrong?"