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    Default Re: [DnD4E] Snowbody's Keep on the Shadowfell (IC)

    Zimelda grins at Arjhan after his quip. "Oh but Arjhan dearie, do not forget that I am an evil creature of darkness. Fire is bad! Hence why people chase me with torches!" she exclaims playfully.

    Her grin disappears, though, when Arjhan gets stabbed. "Hey! Hands off the Paladin! Only I am allowed to torment him!" she barks indignantly.

    She grips her mace and smashes it into the face of the kobold minion beside her, hopefully shattering his skull. If he goes down, she then places a hand against her own chest. Flickering purple light glows around her armored hand, and her wounds begin to heal. She then reaches out towards Arjhan, hands still aglow. His own wounds begin to heal, flesh knitting and bruises dissipating.

    It leaves her open to attack, but whatever. The team needs her.

    Oh damn. She's a team player now. As the inevitable counter attack comes her way, Zimelda's eyes go wide in realization, and a stream of Drow curses and swears erupt within her mind.

    Zimelda notices the slime minion taking a beating, and holds her left hand out towards it. Dark energy flickers around her armored hand, and she channels the healing energies of Lolth into the inter-dimension being.


    Priest's Shield on Minion 7.

    Attack: (1d20+6)[25]
    Damage: (1d8+4)[12]

    If hit, +1 to Zimelda and Arjhan's AC til the end of her next turn.

    Zimelda then does Healing Touch on herself and Arjhan.

    Healing Word on the minion, my bad. >.<

    Zimelda Minion's HP gain: Surge + (1d6+3)[7]
    Arjhan HP gain: Surge + (1d6+3)[9]
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