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    Violetta shook her head. "I don't even know what I'm doing here, wherever this is. I just found myself here, and I don't know of anywhere else.

    "So what were they angry about? Did something go wrong?"
    "Nope, just some no-good ponies were sore I didn't want no part in their funny business. Rascals managed to turn the whole place on me on account of-wait, what?!" He poked at his ears, making sure they weren't playing tricks on him. No ringing, no fuzziness, he'd just heard what he just heard. "Now just hold up a second; you're saying you got no clue where you are, or what the hay you're doing up this far north?" He'd heard tales of ponies, addled by magic or a little too much to drink, waking up in the wastes with clean slates, but that's all that was; tall tales.
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