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That's a bit better than the one I read earlier, maybe I read it before it was fully up?

Anyway, just went back and re-read your blurb, and I think one of the things that didn't work was that the first two sentences sound like they're quoted straight out of the book, and then you slip into a kind of omniscient narrator doing a voiceover after a cliffhanger.

That's not too bad I suppose, but maybe if there was a small paragraph detailing the dragon (Wrack I'm assuming) knocking her plane out of the sky quoted directly from the novel (so italicise it, and openly quote it), then have a new paragraph of your voiceover artist.

That could work.

Ooops. I can't quote that directly from the novel. The first lines of the novel read:


Any landing you can walk away from is a good one.

This wasn't.

The novel starts moments after the crash, and the backstory gets filled in over the next few chapters - hence the style of the synopsis. The novel starts in media res. This was why the synopsis was difficult!

I'll have another go at it, and see how I do.

In the meantime, can I really terrify you all? I put together a 35 second video to plug the novel, which is on YouTube, here. No prizes for identifying the voice of Sorrel...