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    Quote Originally Posted by PurityIcekiller View Post
    "Of course. All I know is it's cold up here." Violetta shook her head. "I don't know where I come from, either."

    She struggled with her clouded mind, then figured out something else to say. "Where are you going? You can't go back, can you?"
    [Fleetwing - A Social Mastermind]

    Fleetwing found himself stumbling over his own tongue. "I...I guess I can't. I suppose I was heading wherever there wasn't an angry mob out to get me, figure out where I could head next. Seeing how good my last lead turned out and all." If somepony could explain to him how the filly without a memory was somehow asking all the questions here, then he'd be eternally grateful.

    Just then, a freezing wind cut through, sending him into a fit of shivers. "Augh, this ain't the place to be swapping pleasantries. How fast can you run, Violetta?"
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