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    Evidently Setesh had been correct in thinking the little human girl had had some interesting things happning to her during these few past days aboard the vessel. "I would have no idea what the these 'codes' are if I am unable to look at them, dear Zasz." The human girl was on the opposite side to him from Zasz, seemingly trying to stay out of sight from Setesh as she showed these things she had found to the old Death Guard.

    "And those were some interesting few words they told you before you left, girl. I take it you do not know what they mean?" Considering that cryptic message was the same the insane sorcerer told Setesh before, it seemed more likely she had been around Setesh at the time and not that some random Alpha Legion told her that as she was being chased. The memory is a fickle thing in troubled psyches, and it is possible she had misremembered from which time she had heard those words. Or she just needed a good excuse for passing it along to Zasz. He did not appreciate that he may have been spied upon, considering how his hunger had almost consumed him during that time, but no matter.

    "Yes, it seems like a good choice of action to accompany you two. Interesting things may happen due to this little girl." And he was curious about some things.
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