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That's good. I'm a pretty bad therapist anyway.
I'm just starting up seeing a therapist here as of Monday. I think I'll be working on anxiety because my depression is pretty under control right now and anxiety just makes it worse, so I want to work on that first.
Anxiety and stress can make everything else worse. It's a good thing to be working on!

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Love some, thanks!

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Yick. If you register with your therapist, could you get back-pay? Or whatever oit is called? I know when I got insurance, they were able to take care of expenditures as far back as three months, because the process could take a while and they want you to be able to get treatment.
No, because it's not that the college or my insurance is paying for it, I'm going (or rather, not going) to the student counselling service in the college, which is only accessible to students, and free of charge.