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Spoilered for potential TMI:
Tucking plus morning wood is NOT a comfortable combination

And everybody with a penis just winced in unison. Ow.

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If I wasn't born with my sexuality I want to know where in the nine ****s I got it. Trust me, I was not in an environment conductive to it in any way.

That said, I'm open to the possibility that some people have fluid sexual orientation while others don't.
Unfortunately, conduciveness has little to do with it. To make an analogy that I acknowledge is imperfect and hope isn't offensive, I have pretty severe social phobia, and am uncomfortable hugging people I don't know well. I also have an extremely physically affectionate family, so reunions are frequently uncomfortable for me. That doesn't mean I had social anxiety from birth; in fact, my anxiety probably stems from that affection.

That doesn't mean that sexuality isn't determined prior to birth, but you can't conclude that it is based on homophobes' children turning out gay.