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Sunken and Spore colonies no longer spread creep.

They are now Spine, and Spore colonies and have been instead been bred to serve as mobile defense emplacements.

Also, Ork Boyz squads totally come with burnahs ANYTIME they face nid squads, or any massed faction.

I'd hazard burnahs, and shootahs would be the standard issue for any savvy warboss.

As for defenses, part of the ork mentality revolves around "Boss Poles" so I'd imagine they'd follow standard doctrine of setting up an orky camp the moment they cleared their landing zone.

There's still the issue of Looted siege tanks, valkyries, and battle cruisers that haven't been addressed. Valkyries were to the point in Brood War were even like, 7 of them gave you the air against squads of 20-30 mutalisks.
Ah ok, so this is starcraft 2 era zerg? Its still a viable tactic, and in a way, even more so, as those little creep tumors or whatever they are called, can be hidden and placed rapidly with the right setup. A creep colony from starcraft 1 is readily visible, these things are tiny little blisters, relativly speaking. It isnt a perfect unbeatable strategy, but then, very few things in a decent versus battle are. But it would make for a viable attempt at restricting ork resources while strengthening the zergs.

Even if it only works for a single attack or two, it would still put the zerg in an advantage, as the orks lose the remains of their boyz on the creep, while the swarm gains them. As an example, say the zerg setup a fast creep build then attack. They start out 50/50 evenly matched with the orks, but after the battle they manage to hit 60/40. They now have a numerical advantage that can be pressed. In fact, that could be a very smart tactic that can be reused in different ways. An ork attack is coming in? Drop a tumor behind the zerg lines and let the creep grow during the battle. If the zerg win, they absorb the remains. If they lose, they didnt really lose anything extra. By holding the battle outside of secure zerg turf, they dont risk their hive in the skirmish, as whatever gets through them still has to deal with the main hive defenses and will have been weakened in the first assault.