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Thread: [4e FR] The Five of the Realm - IC

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    Dak halts a few steps before the door, allowing his red friend and the overtly-large man ahead of him. Digging his fingertips and toes into the stone floor, his normally-happy and childlike demeanor changed for a moment to one of fierce intensity. Mother send me, he chanted to himself, Mother send me, I will win...

    Pressing a button on his belt, he extends his arms, throwing his cloak behind his shoulders as the machinery strapped to him brings his crossbow at the ready. He closes his eyes and cups his weapon as if he's holding a large egg when rushes of blue energy burst forth from his fingertips, coating his weapon with the same energy it once had.

    Using my class feature "Impart Energy" to recharge my daily item on my Sniper's Crossbow. We hit a milestone last fight (for the originals) and have an extra action point and daily item use. Don't forget!

    Pending Celtic's answer to my question in OOC...if yes, I'll add to this post.
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