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On sexuality: I recently read that they're thinking it's largely determined by the hormone levels going about when you're a fetus. So by the time you're weaned, it's fairly unlikely that it will change significantly, although your perceptions of it might change over time. Either way, does it matter where it comes from?
It matters if you think it's bad. There's a meta-ethical principle called "Ought implies can". Morality presupposes a choice - if I can't do anything about it either way it's not moral or amoral behavior. If I stumble and fall and drag someone with me, and that person is harmed, I'm not morally responsible, because I could not do anything about it (it's still nice to apologize, of course).

So, if homosexuality is not a choice then there cannot be anything morally reprehensible about being a homosexual. This irks some people who feel very strongly that there should be something wrong with it. However, accepting and living your homosexuality is still a choice, so they can always get their knickers in a twist about people who dare to accept themselves. Idiots.