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If you feel comfortable with it, I definitely think you should contact Ramachandran (official homepage) and discuss this with him. While anecdotal data* like this is not very useful for confirming hypotheses, it is extremely valuable for forming them.

*anecdotal because it's not collected is systemathized, not because we think you're lying. Important distinction.
Maybe... I'll think about it.

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Yeah, I have, too. Of course, mine was almost certainly through sheer willpower and psychosomatic-suggestion.
I've done that too, but only that one time and it was mostly tricking something or another into 'inverting the registry' of my current genital configuration (it was even more confusing and tricky than it sounds ).

The one I mean now just feels... Like something *should* be there. Like there's this whole area desensitized or something. I've actually felt nonexistent (or, well, misplaced) muscles flexing... Last time I remember feeling this odd was early puberty. :s

I would actually like to try belly dancing myself. But not as a guy. Oh, and I saw some pole-dancing on TV briefly last night. It was on Two and a Half Men when they were in a stip-club, unfortunately, but the actual routine was incredible O_O . I can definitely see how the practice should be removed from that stereotype, 'cause that could seriously be in the Olympics; if trampoline can be included, something as athletic as pole-dancing should definitely be!
*Thought for a bit there you suggested trampolines being involved in some routines and was all like @.@*

Very big news today. I saw my therapist yesterday, and we've (read: I've) decided it's time to come out to my parents. She going to help me next time. Two weeks to P-Day. Nervousness! >_<

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Blind means the patient doesn't know if he's given active treatment or placebo. Double-blind means that the experimenter doesn't know either. You label all the pillbox (momentary brainfart, I know that's not the real word) and a computer does the randomization. Triple blind means the statisticians don't know either. Quadruble blind studies haven't been performed yet, but just wait...

Oh, and all my support to Helio and Absol.
I guess quadruple-blind involves a true random number generator (so even the computer doesn't know)... And quintuple-blind would be random pill samples being distributed into random bottles (so the bottles don't know)? Sextuple would be carried out with random computers (so probability doesn't know)...

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Going mad, people. The most annoying part is, I can't go to my therapist unless I register at college, and I can't register unless I get funding, so I can't see my therapist during this stressful period waiting for funding.

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That's good. I'm a pretty bad therapist anyway.
I'm just starting up seeing a therapist here as of Monday. I think I'll be working on anxiety because my depression is pretty under control right now and anxiety just makes it worse, so I want to work on that first.

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Spoilered for potential TMI:
Tucking plus morning wood is NOT a comfortable combination


I'm actually kind of worried about tucking... There should be more room by the time I actually do, considering I'll have lost more weight by then, but... Er, sitting up straight might be... Very uncomfortable. Especially in public. >.>