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    Quote Originally Posted by Arachu View Post
    I've done that too, but only that one time and it was mostly tricking something or another into 'inverting the registry' of my current genital configuration (it was even more confusing and tricky than it sounds ).
    Mine was because I had an idea in my head when I was a little younger, that if I wanted to be a girl as badly as I did, then there had to be a girl out there who wanted to be a guy just as bad, right? And if that's the case, why couldn't we, for lack of a better word, trade our sensations, so we could have the shadow of being who we wanted to be?

    what followed over the course of several years (and a bit into the present still >_< ) was appealing to various higher powers to be the facilitator of this trade. Several times I was almost certain it had succeeded. Hence, the psychosomatics .

    Quote Originally Posted by Arachu View Post
    *Thought for a bit there you suggested trampolines being involved in some routines and was all like @.@*
    No, I was referencing Olympic Trampoline, and suggesting Olympic Pole-Dancing .

    Quote Originally Posted by Arachu View Post
    *hugs back*

    Quote Originally Posted by The Succubus View Post
    I feel it's quite capable of making a point on its own. ^^
    You're a bad, bad man ...

    EDIT: You are right, though, we should probably bring this to a head.

    ...Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm done now. Really.
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