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So Tannis... she is well known for her... disposition towards other humans. So it really surprised me when I started my siren that one of the first times I went to see her she said something about we should go back to her bedroom to talk more about something. Forget now if it was a quest turn in or just some proximity talking. But it caught me off guard and I questioned whether or not that is really what she said. I briefly though maybe she was a lesbian, but remembered many of the ECHO recorders of hers where she has issues with both men and women. And after a minute I thought... it has to be because I'm a Siren. From what we know of Tannis a Siren is probably something she would be very interested in.
Anyone that has played Maya past level 10 or so notice anymore more about that?
Yes, she was a quite flirty in one of our conversations. Never got it to repeat, though. What's really funny is: she doesn't actually have any private space in the Crimson Raiders HQ that could be considered "her bedroom." She's wack, yo.