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So Tannis... she is well known for her... disposition towards other humans. So it really surprised me when I started my siren that one of the first times I went to see her she said something about we should go back to her bedroom to talk more about something. Forget now if it was a quest turn in or just some proximity talking. But it caught me off guard and I questioned whether or not that is really what she said. I briefly though maybe she was a lesbian, but remembered many of the ECHO recorders of hers where she has issues with both men and women. And after a minute I thought... it has to be because I'm a Siren. From what we know of Tannis a Siren is probably something she would be very interested in.
Anyone that has played Maya past level 10 or so notice anymore more about that?
I noticed the quote too. As Zer0, Axton, and Salvador.

She's either crazy or crazy and bi.

Interestingly enough, most conversations after that one where she gives you her "standing offer" she seems repulsed by any character.

I found it more interesting that she apparently is on speaking terms with her ECHO recorder again, and this one is named Roland.