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Hm. I've thought about that before. I always figured that it would either freak people out really bad at the species level, or not bother them at all. I can get into the xenophobic mindset, of a culture so alien even the base assumptions o their biology, personality, social understanding, everything is so different you couldn't know what traps lie in wait... But then I figured, I don't really feel human most of the time anyway, and if she eats my head afterwards, it was a good run up until then. I'll reincarnate eventually, and be no worse for the wear than maybe a little gun-shy and afraid of mantids.

How different is the physiology? On a gross level as well - or would that be superficial level? I mean, Asari are superficially pretty close to humans, up to and including mammary and uterine structure, but totally different physiology. Also, how important is the different mechanics?

... Bah. Now I need to go find some trashy alien romance stories.
How different is the physiology? Pretty different. Different number of limbs, body shape, arrangement of organs. A biologist forced to classify her by earth standards wouldn't put her in with mammals by any stretch of the imagination, though they'd probably through a conniption fit if you suggested that she be lumped in with the insects (her closest appearance analogue) due to things like the internal skeleton, endothermia, and general internal chemical and physiological similarities with birds. Psychologically she's quite different as well, having sometimes unpredictable fear or anger responses and having a much stronger need for interpersonal contact. Her sense of humor is somewhat surrealist, and she just can't get her head around the ideas of money, acting, and certain facets of the education system among others.