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I figured they didn't. I was expressing doubts about the idea proposed by noparlpf who appeared to me to want to do something slightly less extreme but no less emphatic.

My point was that I don't think it's a good idea to place undue emphasis on the placebo when you're prepping people for the experiment.
Well obviously the participants have to be informed, consenting adults, so they know they might receive placebo. But also obviously you're not trying to convince them all that they have the placebo or things get skewed.

Westermarck or Westermark, I think.
Jeff even said that in his post, I was just emphasising that I never manage to remember the name.

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Worth it. Worth every second to be able to look down and not see a horrible bulge.
Really? I know for me, if I wanted to ignore my genitals, I would do anything but put pressure on them, because then I'd be constantly aware of them.
Though I seem to acclimate to constant sensory inputs less than normal people.

On the topic of uncomfortable crotch experiences, today it rained while I was in class and the seat of my bike got wet.