Togo, just a quick note, Ifni is my nick, Umbriel is my character's name - it's come up a few times, so thought I'd mention it. Have a good weekend!

Has anyone other than me been tracking loot? Going through the thread, here's what I think our current tally is, for the whole game. Can you let me know if I've missed anything? Maybe it would be worth putting/linking this in an early post in the OOC thread?

Spider Riders
Four sets of:
Reins of Ascension
Gloves of Dexterity +2
Bracers of Ogre Power +2
Ring of Protection +1 AC
Piercer Cloak of Resistance +2
Lesser Fire Crystal
+1 Breastplate
Javelin of Lightning
Masterword double sword

Husk Widowmaker Spiders x2? (worth 10k each to the right buyer, although I suspect we're just going to kill them / have already killed them)

Lycanthe And Friends
Assorted non-magical equipment

The Demon On The Roof
Some copper and silver coins
Cooking pot helmet
Holy symbol of Cyric

Experimental Necromancy
A spiky collar
+dominated Monocle Man

The Abbot
Brass crozier
Portable shrine of Cyric (1000gp to the right person, 75gp in metals)
Unholy water (1 vial)
Scroll of Heal
Scroll of Panacea (SC)
Scroll of Chasing Perfection (SC)
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (used by Sthrer)
Potion of Cure Blindness
Keoghtom's Ointment (5 applications)
Arcane scroll of Ethereal Jaunt
2000 platinum (20000 gp)
2000 gold
Pearl necklace = 2000gp
Amarite ring = 6000gp
+1 Full Plate
+1 Called Light Steel Shield
Metamagic Rod of Silent Spell (attached to the inside of the shield)
+1 Longsword
Greater Crystal of Arrow Deflection
Ring of Evasion
Ring of Protection +1
Periapt of Wisdom +4
Third Eye Repudiate
Greater Boots of the Mountain King
Vest of Resistance +3 (needs a wash)
Several spare holy symbols of Cyric
A knife
A light mace made of bone
Some rather nice black gloves