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    Quote Originally Posted by MCerberus View Post
    Tannis is an odd one, but that's her role. You feel kind of bad for her when she has a moment of lucidity. Her entire personality is the shattered remains of what she was built up to prevent her from dropping into the ranks of the murdering psychos.

    Yah, Borderlands 2 is pretty depressing right under the surface.
    At least she has a community with Sanctuary, and she's not stuck out in the middle of Rakk-infested ruins in seclusion or a claptrap junkyard like last game. To me that spells improvement. C-R-A-Z-Y. Improvement.

    EDIT: You want someone with a depressing story in Borderlands 2...
    Helena Pierce. Of course it's the only sane ones that get offed.
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