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Yep, in about a month to six weeks' time I'm guessing. For about a month to six weeks.

I don't think transition is a solution that can help me, what with the way my gender identity swings every month or so. It's something I'm stuck with, unless we hit the singularity in my lifetime and we get the ability to modify our bodies at will.

That would be a dream come true.
That would be amazing...I'm really sorry you're having such trouble. I'm not sure I would be equipped to deal with what you go through, myself. You're a trooper! And from what I've seen of you in the media thread, you're verry pretty! (And, about a month to six weeks from now, you'll be quite handsome, too!)

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Taking that solution is... not fun, emotionally, when suffering the throes of dysphoria.
Very much agreed . I've been lucky recently, though. Taking steps to become more...well, me, has lessened my dysphoria. Plus, mine doesn't seem to be quite as...sharp? as yours. It's more of a dull, deep, depressing ache that doesn't go away, instead of the sharp, "This is wrong!" that I think (quite possibly incorrectly; I'm just judging by what little I've read) you go through, to make a physical-pain analogy.

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Worth it. Worth every second to be able to look down and not see a horrible bulge.
I do disagree a little, here. My thinking is more in line with what noparlpf said - if I can ignore it, it's easier to imagine it's not there, and it's easier for me to ignore when it's not uncomfortable.

Of course, I don't look down all that much (part of ignoring it), so that might be part of where our differences in opinion come from.

Still, I really hope you feel better soon, honey! *Hugs!* I know it sucks!
I think I've got a very over-active empathy muscle/brain area/thingy: every little thing I read, see or hear about happening to people changes my mood almost as if it's happening to me, and as I've been slowly unlocking my emotions more, it's been getting stronger. It's at the point where I'm getting very confused (and sometimes physically dizzy) about how I actually feel, because it's mixed in with all this other stuff. Maybe this is part of why I started hiding from my emotions in the first place?