Meanwhile, outside of the murder frenzy...

Zasz wandered with his granddaughter and old compatriot through the undermarkets, finally finding something worth noting -- a man, with grenades. Through a complex series of interactions involving the second suit of armour Zasz had recently acquired and some haggling. Ultimately, Zasz walked away with the blight grenades, and left behind the suit of armour.

Trying to find somewhere with a view of the planet they would be assaulting soon -- presuming they were in orbit, or near-orbit -- Zasz contemplated the riddle. It wasn't a real riddle, in that the answer was discernible at this moment. It was prophetic, in some way. It was a sign post in the road of fate. There was nothing to do but sit and wait for it to come, or to decay and wash away.

Whether he found the window or not, Zasz would find an out-of-the-way secluded spot and perform another quick sweep to see whether they were being followed. Afterwards, he would speak to his friends.

"Katria, would you mind showing Setesh the item you took from the rude man? Not the weapon, either."

Awareness check!
(1d100)[24] v. 100