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    Quote Originally Posted by Absol197 View Post
    Very much agreed . I've been lucky recently, though. Taking steps to become more...well, me, has lessened my dysphoria. Plus, mine doesn't seem to be quite as...sharp? as yours. It's more of a dull, deep, depressing ache that doesn't go away, instead of the sharp, "This is wrong!" that I think (quite possibly incorrectly; I'm just judging by what little I've read) you go through, to make a physical-pain analogy.
    Mine varies. At the moment, I'm all girled up and I've been shopping, I feel pretty good. Sure, I've still got the wrong equipment between my legs, but I can ignore it, everything's fine. Sometimes I have the dull ache as you describe, and about three times so far (usually, I find, at the start of female periods) it's got so bad and immediate that I don't want to do anything except curl up in a ball and cry.

    As regards dysphoria and tucking, I find my dysphoria is very strongly keyed to appearance. If I can look at myself and see a girl - and almost more importantly, if I'm sure that other people looking at me are seeing a girl - I have far less dysphoria, no matter what I can feel from my body.

    I got an immense happy thrill today when I was shopping, I asked to go and try on a bra, and none of the store assistants or other customers in the area gave me a second glance.
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    The only person in the past two pages who has known what (s)he has been talking about is Heliomance.
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    I just don't want to have long romantic conversations or any sort of drama with my computer, okay? It knows what kind of porn I watch. I don't want to mess that up by allowing it to judge any of my choices in romance.

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